Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Apr 12 2009

i love the feeling of the cool air outside. The weather has been crazy lately. Spring feeling one day then wintry the next. It almost seems like growing pains going into the next season.

It doesn't seem like much has been happening lately. Domina and leopet has been concentrating on yard/garden work. bear hasn't been out here since last Tuesday. he is coming over today and Domina said is spending the night, maybe two.

For the last couple days Domina and i have gone to yard sales and thrift stores. Sadly i had to throw away my wonderful white pocketed bra the other day. It had gotten so worn and discolored especially after using lotion with tanning elements. Domina found a new thrift store near U/us and W/we visited it. voila! i found a new pocketed white bra. Teehee! i also found a couple light jackets and some cute tops at thrift stores.

Domina had been mentioning that Her car was so messy. She said She wanted the trash taken out of it. Yesterday i did a complete inside detailing including vacuuming and shampooing the carpeting and upholstery. It really made Her happy. Domina and leopet were working on putting up privacy blinds on O/our lower deck so W/we can sun/play naked. i am pretty impressed with the work. Domina said She was really hungry and wanted me to get some steaks. i went to O/our local Hyvee all fem of course. i always do anyway giggle and got some KC Strip steaks, double baked potatoes, baked beans and salad. It all turned out very well!

Domina had been conversing with a few potential playmates via Collarme lately. One male sub seemed really interested but would have quite a distance to come. Domina was really irked though when She hadn't heard from him for awhile and then found out that he lost Her email address. She decided to put a pause on Collarme and go offline. It really has taken a lot of time for people who hasn't seemed too dedicated. She did meet a male Dom who wants to try his sub/masochistic side. he is interested to in being one that Domina's bear might top. W/we'll see!

i went to see my psych the other day for a scheduled visit. i told her about the problems we had a couple weeks ago when we went to St Louis. She thought that having multiples in the mix may cause more tension and cause Domina and i to grow apart. i told Domina. She thought that not being in alt lifestyles she may not have a full view of what they are all about. Also that O/our relationship has just evolved. Domina feels that each of us has our own part to bring to Her whole. bear is Her husband/boyfriend/lover. leopet Her helper and pet. i am Her wife/girlfriend. She feels closer to me and thinks O/our relationship is better for it all. Although at first She didn't want a girl for a husband She prefers me as Her girl. Although She didn't like the idea of cuckolding at first, She loves it now. Even bear who can't see cuckolding and extended chastity for himself is getting into cuckolding me teeheee.

One thing i told Domina the other day. Through it all i want to know that i am special to Her and that She cherishes me. She said that i am and She does :)

Tomorrow i start a training week for a short term job i will be doing for the next few weeks. Like Domina said, i will need to pretend i am a boy again. i am going to color my hair today since it needs it. Natural blonde this time. i will be wearing my hair in a pony tail.



ritemate said...

How lovely!
A new bra, a new job, a potential new sub for your mistress, and a chance to play naked on lower deck. What could go wrong now? Perhaps your counter. I know, time flies, but maybe not at this pace.

sissy slave jamie said...

teehee! Thank you ritemate. i don't know what is going on with that counter. It had over 400 days on it although i had the same year. It was working fine before. i took it off for now.


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