Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1 2009

Wow! Already April first! i've been struggling lately to get a post out. W/we all went out of town last weekend to St Louis for the Beat me in St Louis event. i wrote a long entry last night about it but a lot of it was a downer. The event itself was great but negative things got to me like my inability to participate in impact play i.e. flogging because of my pinched nerve condition, hearing about old friends from my BDSM group having tragic physical problems such as blindness, colon cancer, and being unable to communicate my funk to Domina without Her taking it personally resulted in some very difficult times for me. W/we are all starting to recover now.

Besides the above the event was great! bear had purchased a new SUV and W/we all went together. bear drove. Domina sat in the front passenger seat. T/they travelled hand in hand most the way there and back.

i have attended the event several times before and once with Domina. It was wonderful now going as a girl. During the day when W/we went to seminars on poly relationships and ownership of slaves and submissives i dressed as a girly girl wearing a very short denim skirt, my new pink butterfly shirt, my big girl bra, pink patent leather ballet flats and frilly white socks. At night Domina wanted me to dress slutty. The first night i wore my pink big girl bra which was so visible under my black fishnet shirt and an open female vest. i wore my short leather skirt, fishnet stockings and strappy hi heels. The first night W/we attended the opening ceremonies and wandered around the dungeon. They had two; A large upbeat one and a smaller more intimate one with softer music.

The second night i wore pretty much the same except for a blue fishnet shirt. This time W/we took the toys to the dungeon and Domina played with bear and leopet on the st andrews cross and a spider web with chains. She locked me up in a cage with my wrists bound. i love cages!

W/we loved perusing the vendors area with so many toys, fetish wear, novelties, jewelry etc. bear bought Domina a pair of hot red fetish boots which so reminded me of the movie 'Kinky Boots'.

The next day W/we drove back home. When W/we got home tension was high and W/we had more trouble. Since then W/we have been working on it. Domina and i have been modifying the rules. Once thing that has been seriously pointed out to me is my tendency to tell long war stories of ages past. i didn't think it was a problem but apparently it is. Domina prefers me to tell Her things in short concise sentences. i suggested that i use the Twitter model. Twitter if you don't know is similar to a blog except entries are kept at 140 characters or less. She and bear likes that idea.

Domina and bear are getting closer. T/their fights are getting far and between. Domina considers him Her husband and bear considers She and i his wives. It sure is different referring to him as my husband. Also in the cuckold side of things he is becoming more active and at one point suggested to Domina that maybe i should cum in a week or two weeks. Domina feels he may be a switch and may train him to go that way. i asked if there will come a time where She will have me serve him. She said that She may have me serve anyone.

bear stayed here for an extra day and the sleeping arrangements were that Domina had bear sleep with Her in Her bed until i came to bed later in the evening since She likes going to sleep with him and waking with me.

Domina has wanted me to research joining the local community center for swimming and working out. i found that they define a family as two adults and children. i explained that we have a second adult living with U/us. They said that it could be any two adults. Domina plans on Her and leopet joining. She said She doesn't want me to build any muscles but maintain my feminine figure. i agree.

After taking the herbs and doing breast massage i am growing. Domina asked me if i had my third breast form in my bra the other day. i said no and realized that my bust is increasing. Woot!

Domina has been finding out that Her suspicions where right where Her sister and new brother in law may be kinky too. T/they plan on visiting U/us soon and play may happen. She is exploring Her dominate side and he is clearly a submissive. i think its so wild that i can be so open and be my girly self to Domina's side of the family!

i've now switched over to my summer purse. Its a white knit one that Domina made last year. i love it. i think its more feminine :)

A pretty big thing too is the Ds Discussion board at Ds Discussion . i had a server crash a couple weeks ago and lost that site as well as my old site at i rebuilt the server and now have the other one (Ds Discussion) It is working well and i plan on adding more and more to it and hope that those who joined before will rejoin and new ones as well. i love seeing a community of adults interested in Dominance and submission join. The board has so much potential since it features articles, forums, groups, photo, audio and video galleries, chat, profiles, etc.

Have a great day!



ritemate said...

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties, but it also seems that many positive things have happened to you.
You got to spend several days amongst other people as your true girlie self, and in skirts too. Do you find walking in high heels difficult?
You’ve reached another milestone on your journey to girliehood, having budding breasts. Congratulations!
It seems you’re going to get yourself a husband, that’s great news. Then it’s only natural for bear (soon to become Bear to you?) to consummate your marriage.
Keep posting!

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you ritemate. i hope all continues to get better. One thing for sure, i will have to watch my ps and qs whatever they are from now on!
Oh yes. That was wonderful! There were several other T-girls there too. W/we all shared the table with one girl and her Mistress. It was fun :)
i love wearing skirts and heels too. Domina said that i glided on them. i think i walk wonderfully on them. Only the ball of my feet under the toes got a bit tired.
i know. i love looking down and seeing more cleavage. Domina says to Her they look like they are growing too. Thank you!
teeehee i know. i think its wonderful how a poly family can grow and evolve. giggle i don't know. i think Domina will keep him with a lower case b.
Thank you!