Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday April 4 2009

This morning i woke up with Domina at about 6:30am to get ready to go to yard sales. i made coffee and brought Domina up some cereal. She said bear was bringing Her Cappuchino from McDonalds.

i took a shower and got pretty. Lately i have been wearing a red lip stain either from Covergirl or Max and then putting on a coat of "Snowcone". Domina loves the pink results :)

Domina, bear, leopet and i then left to find some treasures. W/we found some nice fem shirts. A couple that has a fetish look to them. The one i got is in a nice spring green. W/we found a few other things as well.

W/we also went to Walmart where i got some moisturizing and firming lotion. leopet got some Easter gifts for his nephew and niece.

W/we then went to Perkins for a nice breakfast.

W/we returned home. i helped Domina in the garden by helping Her put together a small storage shed that came apart in high winds. She then continued working. i was in and out of the house.

Later W/we watched some of the first season of the Big Bang Theory and then started dinner consisting of grilled salmon and chicken breasts.

W/we watched an episode of Castle from the DVR. By the end of it Domina and bear were ready to go up and play. Domina said T/they were going upstairs. She may or may not call me.

i was on my computer for awhile and massaging my breasts when i heard Domina calling. i put my bra back on and went upstairs. i found bear naked and lying on Domina's bed. She told me to sit on his chest. She said Her whore wanted to suck my clitty. She then had me edge forward. he took my clit and started sucking. Domina got on him and started riding. It felt so good! His whiskers really let me know how sensitive i was. Domina pulled me out of his mouth and started stroking me. i begged and She said cum. i did all over his face. Domina then got over and really spread it around. It really felt so good and i was so hot!

Domina then told me to change the sheets. i did. i was then dismissed and told to come back up when bear will be told to go downstairs due to snoring teehee.

What a day!



Anonymous said...

Oh - what is this? It seems Domina has found a new use for you - what a lucky gurl you are...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
teeehee which use was that?


mommasboy said...

When your Mistress calls you, How/what does she call you?

sissy slave jamie said...

She called me jamie