Friday, April 17, 2009

The week Friday April 17 2009

Its been a nice week this week. All week i have been attending a training course that is preparing me for my temp job that should last a couple months. Domina is certainly happy to see me working although She is wanting to adjust the chores around here. i am happy to be working too. Like Domina said, for this i need to pretend to be a boy but i'm always a girl. i'm tying my hair back in a pony tail and wearing crystal ear studs. As far as wear its more unisex. No makeup :( As soon as i got home from work today Domina told me to get makeup on my face especially eyeliner and get girly swoon :) After i put it all on She said "Much better".

It was kind of funny, a lady came up to me saying, "Excuse me ma'am". i love it :)

bear was over earlier this week. Big Mistress came out. No sex. It was all BDSM play. This weekend Domina and bear are going out of town together to a B&B to celebrate his birthday. he has hopes that it will be a good adventure. Domina feels like getting out of town. Domina told me the other day to think about where i would like to go out of town with Her next month since it will be O/our 3rd anniversary. yaaaaay! She said that W/we might go out of town to a B&B as a couple of lesbians. i think it will be fun!

The weather sure has been up and down. It was beautiful today. Tomorrow they are forecasting rain.

Yes to the one who asked if "Are you real" from the Ds Discussion board teehee i am real. The board is working very well. i had some technical issues that were causing a pain but one thing about things like that, rarely are they original. Someone else tackled the same issues and that sure helps!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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