Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday April 19 2009

Saturday i was getting ready to go out to work. bear arrived to take Domina out of town to a Bed and breakfast. W/we were doing both at the same time. Domina asked me to get some things for Her while i was getting ready too. Soon i left. Domina and bear left. T/they went to stay at a supposed haunted Bed and breakfast to celebrate his birthday.

i worked for a few hours and at one point called Domina about picking up some herbs and veggies at Home Depot Sunday Morning. She had said that they were going on sale. i finally got a hold of Her as She was getting ready to go down to the pool. She gave me a list of what to get and then hung up.

As Domina told us, it was a boys and girls night. leopet had bought 4 pounds of chicken wings and drumettes and i stopped by our local Hyvee and picked up some Hooters breading, Three Mile Island sauce and Hot wing sauce as well as some beer. Domina usually limits our beer to three or four a night but didn't limit it for Saturday.

i got home and prepared the wings. i fried them up according to the instructions. we then went down and watched 'Danny Darko'. What a movie! The wings turned out wonderful too! i loved Three Mile Island especially teeeheee!

i went to bed alone after being on the computer for awhile and massaging my breasts. i do love doing that. As Domina observed that i am playing with myself when i do that. It kind of replaces masturbating in a while and to think that it is helping develop my feminine figure :)

i woke up at 7am and went to Home Depot. i wasn't certain exactly how many of each Domina wanted me to get but as it turned out i got what She wanted. i hadn't had time for a shower and makeup but i did shave my face and brushed my hair and my teeth. There were traces of lip color on my lips. i went into Home Depot with my purse. It went pretty well.

i stopped by the grocery store and picked up a few things like coffee and donuts. i got home and got on my computer and massaged my breasts more. i had a very nice chat with sissy jackie on leopet is working on Domina's car and i went out to help him a bit.

Domina and bear returned home. She was looking so good. She had a manicure and massage while at the B&B. She asked if i missed Her and i said "Oh yes Domina!" i told Her what was going on. W/we all went up to Her bedroom and She told me a bit of T/their time together. i asked if there was any sex. She said, "Oh yes. I will tell you later but W/we need to rest". bear woke up and asked what was up. i said W/we were having some girl talk teehee. i asked if She wanted me to put makeup on. "Of course. But after a shower later". Right now bear and I are going to take a nap. i told Her that i was going to but will downstairs. She said, "Like a good sissy girl should. " i said yes Domina. She slid into bed with bear and snuggled up to him. i curtsied and closed Her bedroom door.

i came downstairs and worked on the site some more. Soon i'll take a nap :)



ritemate said...

Thanks for posting regularly. When you wear jeans, is it by your own choice or do you have to get Domina’s approval to wear a skirt?
When you’re massaging our breasts, do you fell comforted, happy, horny or all of the three?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate :)
Your welcome. Thank you for reading and your comments!
Its pretty much my choice unless Domina wants otherwise. Domina doesn't want me to wear skirts when younger family members are around though.
mmmm it helps me feel comforted and happy. Not necessarily horny though. i love how it feels and know that it helps in their development :)